Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of projects does Interimify help their clients with?
We help you find Sweden’s best students for projects, part-time works or internships. Our main areas are within accounting/controlling, business development, data collection, finance, research and translation & language services. Companies that use us are management consulting firms, financial companies, startups, tech-companies, and many more.
Are there any starting costs or fees?
No. Our services are truly flexible which means you only pay for the hours worked by the student. No starting costs and no hidden fees.
How long is the lead time?
We deliver fast and promise that you will have got your candidate within a week from when we start looking, however it might be even faster than that.
What happens if I’m not satisfied with an Interimifyer?
While we screen all applicants to ensure talent and intelligence, we understand that not every person will be a perfect cultural fit for every company. If you are not satisfied with your Interimifyer you are entitled to cancel the project instantly and then choose wether you would like us to deliver a new candidate or terminate the project.
Where are your students located?
While we don’t have any geographic preference, we have Interimifyers in all of Sweden, and most Interimifyers are physically located in Stockholm/Gothenburg/Malmö. However, a lot of or projects are done remotely, which means that you could get the most highly skilled workers to do your project no matter where your premises are.
Can an Interimifyer work remotely?
Yes. While a lot of our clients choose to have students on-site, the remote option aside from being more flexible also grants access to a larger number of potential students and therefore a higher probability of a perfect match for the specific project.
Interimify’s Talent Network
How do you find the top students who qualify to be Interimifyers?
At Interimify we do not use open job boards, paid social media ads or alike. All projects are sourced internally by our already vetted candidates, or by specific search for our clients exact needs. The network is thus built up by continuously looking for great students for our projects.
Can you also help us with recruiting from the Interimify network?
Yes, if the role fits the ambitions of our top students we will help. Get in touch with us here.
NDAs and Intellectual Property
Can the Interimifyer sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) before getting underway on a project?
Yes, they can. However, in our regular agreements we have already a strict secrecy clause, both between us and our clients, and us and our Interimifyers.
Who owns the legal rights to the work created by an Interimifyer?
Our clients own all the legal rights and intellectual property created by the Interimifyer while working in the project.
Pricing & Payment
How much does Interimify cost?

Interimify’s pricing is dependent on the duration of the project and the student profile.

How does the payment work?
Our Interimifyers continuosly fill in their worked hours where both them, we and our clients have access to it. In the beginning of each month, we send an invoice for the hours worked in the past one, and we take care of all the social taxes, employer responsibilites, etc. As a client, all you get is one invoice monthly.
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