The Interimify Story

By now we have all heard about the gig-economy and its possible implications for blue and white collar industries. In essence, the gig economy represents a work-force adaption to how the real world usually looks. Needs vary. Projects come, projects go. It is the ebb and flow of the world of business. Today, with the flexibility and speed that modern technology allows us to operate with, these needs can finally be met when they arise – increasing efficiency while driving down costs. While blue collar industries has seen a massive shift to gig economy solutions in recent years, white collar solutions and their adoption is still in its infancy. But make no mistake, the shift is coming, and its coming fast.

Interimify was founded against the backdrop of this shift. Recognising a large gap between the workforce of today and the workforce of tomorrow, students, we set out to be the bridge between great companies and top students.

It turns out that knowledge workers on average spend around one third of their time on non-core activities, tasks that essentially can be “outsourced”. Market research, excel reports, presentation material, data collection, etc. So we started asking questions:

Is there a way for companies to meet their varying needs with top talents, having the dynamics of freelancing with a price tag below classic consultants? Is there a way for students to utilise their skills while retaining flexibility and maximising their experience portfolio?

The answer was Interimify.

Since our start in late 2016 we have been supplying great companies in Sweden with top students on-demand, totaling thousands of hours of needs met. Our sourcing processes mirror the executive search model, but applied to staffing, allowing us to be precise, efficient and fast.

Today, Interimify help firms all around Sweden and projects are done either on-site or remotely.

If you would like to find out how your organisation can benefit by being supported by top performing students, get in touch with us today!

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